Curriculum and Resources

Calma equips teachers with a framework and resources to create calm classrooms.

As a result students learn how to cultivate the important life skills of self-managing their distracted thoughts, emotions and behaviors.

Everyone in your school will benefit from the Calma program:

  • Better class management
  • Calmer learning environment
  • More engaged students

Curriculum Overview

Calma is a highly evolved, progressive series of three age-appropriate, student mindfulness development curricula designed for classroom delivery. Each curriculum uses five modules to engage students by daily practice lessons and through teacher guided discussions. Click here to preview Calma Classroom Resources.

Calma comes complete with lesson plans and high-quality audio recordings for ease of use. You can use Calma immediately to directly engage students without complex and lengthy preparations, expensive costs, or formal certification pre-requisites.

Each curriculum is 5 modules, spanning a total of 25 days. The electronic curricula can be implemented immediately due to the scripted lessons, and the age-appropriate guided meditation audios that are embedded right into the document.

Kindergarten – 2nd Grade

3rd – 5th Grade

6th – 12th Grade

“Calma shouldn’t be used just to solve a problem. It is used so you don’t have a problem. Calma has reduced anxiety among students, staff… ultimately the entire school.”

Maryann Hayslip, St. Aloysius Principal & Recipient of National Principal Award 2020

Self-regulation, or managing one’s own thoughts, emotions and behavior, is a skill that children must be taught in order to work through big feelings, and fix problems. Calma cat and friends learn that each day brings about different emotions, but by practicing mindful breathing, they can handle just about anything. Practice every day, and soon you’ll see that being calm and peaceful is a wonderful way to be!

We make bringing calma to your school easy

Implementing Calma into your school is a structured process designed to help administrators, teachers, and students leverage techniques and language to create a better learning environment in classrooms and develop a culture of calm.

  1. One-day staff training
  2. Curriculum Access 5 modules, 5 lessons each, all lasting about 15-20 minutes. It’s perfect for a morning meeting setting
  3. Introduce the Curriculum to Students
  4. Reinforce Calma mindfulness techniques through common language
  5. In year two, introduce additional Calma tools to students such as our book Paws & Breathe, Calma coloring sheets, and Calma corners for meditation
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